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Our Story

World Tours Studio was founded by a group of passionate travelers inspired to create peak experiences for others. As the sister company of Verona International Programs and inlingua, World Tours Studio offers the experience of a team of professionals who have organized hundreds of travel programs for adventurous individuals, U.S. universities, international companies and groups of friends.  We offer tours, study abroad programs, and niche programs such as food and wine tours, sketch booking workshops, and wellness retreats. Whether you want to sign up for one of our scheduled tours or want us to create a trip tailored to your specific interests, our expert team will be there for you every step of the way. Let World Tours Studio show you the world.

With our offices based in Verona (Italy) and in Seattle (U.S.), we offer customized tours and academic programs to satisfy the requests of our customers and ensure the best travelling and learning experience you could wish for.

Our expertise dates back to the early 90s and we ensure friendly, efficient and constant assistance on both sides of the ocean, whether you are a student on a Study Abroad program or a curious traveller who wants to  explore and experience new places. With us, you will be able to delve right into the culture of the country you visit, leaving behind the clichèd, tourist attractions and discovering the true heart of the cities and countries you will explore.

With a wide range of tours and Study Abroad programs available and the possibility to tailor new ones to your needs, we are confident you will be fully satisfied with our offerings. Embrace the differences, discover the world!


Meet Our Team

Richard holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Utah and a Masters of Arts Literature from New York University and he completed his graduate studies at UCLA. He currently teaches at the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo at the University of Verona and he is the Director of the Inlingua School of Languages and Translation Center in Verona. Additionally, he is the study abroad coordinator for various university programs in Verona. He has already published three poetry books and cooperates with the Town Hall of Verona on many projects dedicated to the internationalization of educational programs. He is an expert in communication and Italian Literature, and has now been working for more than 20 years as an educator in the field of Italian Culture.
KAY SCETTROItaly Coordinator
Originally from Vicenza, Kay first moved to Verona in 2003 to study at the University of Verona. A six month study abroad experience at the University of Arizona allowed her to travel to the United States for the first time and it left her with an appreciation for such programs. Upon returning to Italy, she graduated from the University with a degree in Languages and Comparative Literature and shortly after, she began working for inlingua International Verona as a Language Consultant. Kay is also currently working as an On-Site Coordinator for WTS.
Born in San Francisco, California with an American father and Italian mother, Charlene was raised in Italy and in the U.S., between the new world and the old. She attended Mills College and the University of Utah, where she received her BFA in 1987. Since then her artwork and photography have been exhibited in national and international competitions and received top awards, including several Best in Show honors. Charlene teaches drawing, painting, and the joy of sketchbooking at several art schools and colleges in the Pacific Northwest. She also leads workshops around the world. She is passionate about her own work as an artist and brings that enthusiasm to her teaching. She has received many prizes and awards for her works, which hang in private collections, corporate collections and public buildings.
MICHELA D'ATTOMAItaly Coordinator
Michela is a graduate of the University of Venice with a specialization in Art History. She has been working for the past 7 years as a language trainer for inlingua and for the Verona International Program. As an instructor, she has been teaching both business and general Italian courses to professionals and university students, including preparation for Plida examinations for the Italian language. She has developed educational games and teaching materials for group courses which she has successfully used with different study abroad programs in Verona such as Opera Viva! and Colby College.
MARCO SCANOItaly Coordinator
Born and raised in Verona, after his high school degree in languages and four years of study in physical education Marco has joined the tourism industry and has been an employee at Residence all’Adige for more than twelve years. Verona conoisseur, travels lover, he collaborates with University of Georgia as on-site support for the university study abroad program in Verona . Marco has committed himself to sharing his knowledge of the city and the local culture with young foreign minds and whoever is interested in the beauties of his hometown and its surroundings.